Cars are our passion

Who We Are

Founded in 2015, Prescott Cars and Coffee is a non-profit event, organized and managed by talented local residents. We are guided by a common vision for our community:

  • Provide a family-friendly monthly automotive event
  • Foster community participation and interaction
  • Increase and strengthen local business
  • Become involved in local charitable causes

Participants and spectators are encouraged to meet each other, introduce friends, and build relationships within the event and community. Spectators and participants are encouraged to bring items such as automotive flags, banners, and other items to improve the ambience of the event.

Meet the Team

Stephan Pellegrini

Co-Founder. Managing Partner at AutoFocus Industries. Former Ferrari and Porsche tech.

Brad Borja

Co-Founder. Managing Partner and Creative Lead at AutoFocus Industries.

Jared Samuelson

Media. 3D Artist for the globally acclaimed automotive video game company BeamNG.

Max Wienke

Public Relations. USAF B-52 pilot. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University graduate.​